Centimeters to Inches
Inches to Centimeters

Listing Prices on the worlds Largest Pre Loved Dress sales Website 

Monthly Subscription – Monthly 3.50€ - Cancel your listing at any time – your Costume will be listed as a Highlighted advert for the duration of your Listing

Bronze – Cost 10€ – Standard advert for 24 Months

Silver – Cost 15€ – Highlighted advert for 1 months and 23 months Standard advert

Gold – Cost 20€ – Highlighted advert for 12 months and 24 months Standard advert – We will Post your Costume once on our Facebook Pages and Instagram and across other relevant Facebook pages

Gold Plus – Cost 40€ - Premium Front page position for 4 weeks and under every search on the website only available to 12 Dresses a Month – Highlighted for 12 months and 24 months Standard advert